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List of People Buried in the City Cemetery
with Descendants who have contacted
the Nashville City Cemetery Association


During the past five years, many people have sent the names of their ancestors to the NCCA. We have listed below are only those ancestors for whom we know the first and last names. Most of these ancestors have tombstones which were recorded in the 2005 Survey. Please, check the Index to read their inscriptions. For some ancestors, Interment dates have been listed because, at this time, their tombstones no longer exist or their inscription could not be read due to age or weathering. For some of these ancestors, new markers have been installed, such as A. A. Adams, Joseph Litton and his wife Catherine Warren Litton, the Benjamin R. B. Wallace family, Washington Cooper, Joseph W. Price, and Levi Price. The Metro Historical Commission has established guidelines for the installation of new markers and should be contacted for more information

This is only a Beginning List. These ancestors have thousands of living descendants today. Nashville City Cemetery Association would like to hear from you about your ancestors at the City Cemetery. Please, contact us at or mail to P.O. Box 150733 Nashville, TN. 37215.

Adams, A. A.
Argo, Hiram S.
Bass, Peter & his wife Anna Stone Bass
Beaty, John. Interment Date: 12-3-1874
Bellsnyder, Capt. Thomas & his wife Polly M. Hutchison Bellsnyder
Boyd, Ida Crafton
Boyd, John & his wife Elizabeth McEwen Boyd
Carr, Rosella. Interment Date: 8-15-1922
Cockrill, John & his wife Ann Robertson Cockrill
Conaway, Charles C. P. Interment Date: 10-12-1846
Corbitt, James & his wife Nancy.
Interment Dates: 5-28-1874; 3-20-1872
Crockett, David
Currey, Robert B., Mayor, & his wife Jane Gray Owen Currey
Dale, Dorothy Boyd
Davis, Tennessee Robertson
Dorris, Wm. D., Dr. & his wife Rebecca Shivers Dorris
Drake, Alex
Driver, William, Captain & his wife Jane Driver
Ewing, Andrew & his wife Susannah Ewing
Gibson, Nathan
Gibson, William & his wife Rebecca Adams Gibson
Godshall, S.C.
Goodwin, Richard D. & his wife Nancy Cunningham Goodwin
Green, Judith
Hagey, John & his wife Catherine Ault Hagey
Harris, Adam G.
Hefferman, William
Hicks, Alfred H. & his wife Mary Hicks
Jackson, Hugh & his wife Alicia Frances Jackson
Johnson, James & his wife Frances Nolen Johnson
Interment in the W. A. Johnson Mausoleum
Kendrick, James H.
Littlefield, Edward B.
Litton, Joseph & his wife Catherine Warren Litton
Luster, T. J., Dr.
Majors, William T. Interment Date: 10-14-1940
Marshall, Joseph H. & his wife Frances Farish Marshall
Maxey, P. W., Mayor. Interment Date: 11-15-1876
McAlister, William K. & his wife Frances Rhea Anderson McAlister
McCrory, Joseph Caldwell
McEwen, Joseph
McGrew, John A. & his wife Carrie L. Mc Grew
Moore, George W. & his wife Ella Sheppard Moore
Newell, McNairy. Interment Date: 1-3-1894
Nichol, Josiah & his wife Eleanor Ryburn Nichol
Nokes, E. B.
Parker, William & his wife Cynthia Ann Parker
Paul, Isaac
Roane, Ann
Robeson, Louis M & his wife Lillie M. Robeson
Robertson, Dr. Felix
Robertson, James & his wife Charlotte Reeves Robertson
Ruhm, Theodore. Interment Date: 8-12-1864
Sharpe, Benjamin & his wife Ann Sharpe (Schott)
Sloan, George. Interment Date: 10-1-1862
Tannehill. Wilkins & his wife Eliza Tannehill
Trabue, Charles Clay & his wife Agness G. Trabue
Vaulx, Joseph & his wife Susan E. Vaulx
Wallace, Benj. R. B. & his wife Tabitha W. Wallace
West, Ben, Mayor, & his wife Mary Humes Meadors West
Wilson, James Hazzard & his wife Virginia Zollicoffer Wilson
Winder, Van Perkins & his wife Martha Grundy Winder
Winston, Charles K., Dr. & his wife Ann Rogers Winston
Woods, James & his wife Penelope Porter Woods
Zollicoffer, Felix & his wife Louisa Pocohontas Gordon Zollicoffer

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